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Hey friends,
First of all, I made a smoothie today and it is amazing.
1/2 a Dragon Fruit
1 Banana
5 Strawberries (Frozen)
1/4 cup-ish Cashew Milk
1 tsp Vanilla Protein Powder
Dragon Fruit rocks and I have not been giving it proper attention, until now.
The banana I used wasn't quite ripe enough ~ but the next one will be perfect.

This angle is funny but me and my smoothie are cute, so deal.

A Brief Reflection on my Body Image.
I've been thinking a lot about having a body... and how much Society has an impact on how I feel about mine and how that impacts the rest of my being. Lately I have been buying more Mediums than Smalls, and for some reason my brain punishes me for this? Pardon me for being a healthy weight, brain! I am enjoying good food, exercising quite frequently, and you still have the nerve to judge me for needing a bit more fabric? Calm down.
When I was little, I was very slim. It didn't truly hit me, how much my confidence leaned on being skinny, until I was not the smallest one in the room anymore. Which is messed up. Anyways, a few things have been helping me...

We all have our own battles with our bodies... I hope yours is going well. Lately, I have been dwelling mostly on this one pair of rag&bone jeans I have: how they fit me, but bunch up and kind of exaggerate my 'puppy belly'. For a long time they have sat in my dresser... but I spent too much money on them and they are too cute to sit around so I am going to give them another chance. I'm wearing them right now, and I love them, and how they fit... a bit tight in some places but nothing I can't stretch out hopefully. Anyways, that's enough about bodies for today.

Me in my rag&bone jeans that I'm breaking in.

TTFN - t