11:17 pm

Hello all... I wonder if anyone has subscribed to my RSS. I love RSS so much. What a nice break from massive-over-stimulating social media sites. If anyone knows some sweet RSS feeds to subscribe to please let me know (tianadueck@pm.me). I use https://fraidyc.at/

Getting into personal blogs has been awesome during this pandemic. It's difficult to have more personal, vulnerable conversations these days because you can't go and see people... at least my situation hasn't really allowed it. It's nice to practice openness in some way. Though, there is always a part of me who begs to keep my online presence strictly professional: I am human - and I would like to put that first.

I started a newsletter yesterday! After visiting a windmill field, I felt inspired; so, Windy Day Newsletter was born. It will simply be a cluster of my more developed thoughts, and underdeveloped imagery - low pressure. Style, life, web, film, music.. you understand.
At first I wanted to share it around social media and encourage everyone to join... but then I thought "no... let the people find it." I sent invites to some friends, other than that, I'm looking forward to seeing what random folks find the sub box and join in. http://tinyletter.com/windy-day

I have been anxious this week... planning to get well soon.
Peace be with you.