12:31 pm

Hello people.
I'm so happy you found this.
I think it's sad that people say things like "not to be cheesy" or "this is so corny" because it feels awkward to be truly emotional and appreciative in every day settings. When in fact, they would probably be met with gratitude if they just expressed whole heartedly how they feel. Express what's in your heart without the disclaimer for embarassment or shame. Why do people feel the need to explain that they are feeling sentimental? My first guess is trauma from bullying and rejection. Those sentimental feelings are literally the most important feelings and yet too many of us put a buffer between what we outwardly express and what we inwardly feel. Even now I feel like this is silly to post. As someone who often makes efforts to fascilitate gatherings... I believe there may be a lot of people who don't show up because it makes them too uncomfortable, even though there is no threat. It's sad that it seems many people cannot find the energy within them to approach most events in their life with a main focus on love, rather than worrying about being hurt.
Do you think you would do more outward things if you did everthing in your life from a place of pure love for existance? A love for your body, mind, the earth, other people, every being, every crack in the road, every strand of hair, every blink of an eye.
How AMAZING is it to take another breath... everthing is so emotional I want to cry just at the thought of being alive.
At the thought that this could be it.
If I'm not feeling Love, I'm trying to.