OK "blog.html".. if that's even your real name.. today a lot of my passive feelings are finally meeting a tangible glow.
Let's see if I can write them down here.

First of all, I adore the Indie Web (or whatever you want to call it) so dearly. Wow. What great purpose I have found through COVID thanks to the Web. I feel that I have somewhat 'claimed' my place here... for so long (and probably for the best) I held back. I saw the internet as a place where reputations go to die, and professionalism reigns. I just think there should be a work/life balance (but mostly life:) on the internet (I'm still figuring it out). While I am glad that my 14 year old self does not have a significant foot-print on the Web; now, as a person with a developed prefrontal cortex, I feel comfortable making this place my own. My website is my apartment, my garden, my home. And what amazing friendships and projects have become of all this... I'm happy to be here. It's like I'm on vacation. Sending love to my friends that I've found over the internet.

Second, inspiring people are within reach! You can be friends (or friendly acquaintances) with the people who inspire you. You can be an inspiring person. It doesn't have to be so hard. Follow whatever spark you feel that brings you to an effervescent state, and things will become clearer. The people you dream of will come to you when you put your dreams first. There is always a way -- maybe your journey is longer or shorter than someone else's -- but just focus on your own goals and dreams, and discover how they might come true... we only live this life once, be who you want!

Finally, burnout is real and exhausting. Lately, I have had so many goals on my plate, and I've lost track of where to start. I wont get into much detail, but for the love of Earth please find a way to keep a reasonable schedule. I find that keeping a calendar on my wall helps me to stay organized most of the time. I'm trying out notion. I have been feeling some anxiety and COVID fatigue that keeps me in bed longer than I'd like... sometimes you just need to DO it. See what happens when you just get up and do the next thing.


p.s. thanks to lucy for sending me a sweet email regarding my blog! <3