Got to talk with juhi and zach of e-worm today. I love talking about the internet with people who are also experimenting with it. It's just really thrilling to imagine the possibilities, and the conversations seem to come from a longing for genuine virtual connections that depend on our physical reality… A lot of the mainstream web is so commercial, and tries to create its own soul sucking universe. It’s no secret that they want you to be on their website more than they want you to have a life, which is harmful to the real connections you could, or might actually be making on those sites.
I think this kind of movement starts with the users.. and that's what e-worm, special fish, volvox, and a bunch of other stuff feels like to me.
Computational stuff is fascinating to talk about because it feels invisible..? Does that make sense.. like, it runs so deep in how it works and with what is possible.. you learn one thing and then this whole other rabbithole shows up. And for me right now, it feels like a unique learning progression... its vastness is not really much different from other topics, but it’s magical to me :-) And incredibly confusing a lot of the time~! I love the challenge... but it’s also pretty exhausting. I think it's important for your computer practice to depend on your ~real~ practices.
The tech world definitely has its flaws... and a lot of it feels very masculine, which is fine but the imbalance feels.. unfortunate? I think tech needs more femininity. Idk if it's bc of Taurus season, but I am really rocking with femininity rn.
on femininity