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For over 5 years I have worked as a digital marketer, generating both organic and paid growth, and cultivating online hubs for diverse clients with original visual and written content.

My social media work is always accompanied by a detailed marketing strategy that is focused around my client's budget and goals. We have always met our targets.

Social Media is at the core of modern communication between brands and their audiences. Ever changing in nature, each piece of content I produce has its own research and storytelling behind it depending on its message, timeliness, and format. Having a deep understanding of the brand at hand is my north star behind my content creation process for each of my clients. It's really more than content creation, it's building a world, and then designing the most efficient way to communicate that world with an audience.

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Umbrella Family

I cherished my time producing thoughtful visual and written content for Umbrella Family's gentle and family friendly communication channels. From conducting interviews to recording and editing videos, I was always busy with meaningful work. As a local nonprofit, their voice is human-centred and heartfelt. Opening the gate between parents and their children's experiences at care was fulfilling.

Cooks Corner Series — Read: Viola Desmond Cook Interview (Interviewer, Editor, Videographer)

I produced this video in two weeks for Umbrella Family's Umbrella Wide banquet where it was showcased to over 200 employees.

Types of Play Series — Read: Loose Parts Article (Editor, Videographer)

CBC Gem + Shy Kids

For the CBC Gem show Late Night In The Studio by Shy Kids, I worked as a PA Driver on set, as well as Social Media Manager in post production. I was responsible for developing a social media strategy, as well as creating and scheduling social media posts and ads within a short period. The graphics posted included screenshots/clips from the show, and niche original creative graphics related to each episode.


I was responsible for keeping the Meta4Films audience informed on what's new, whats to come, reminiscent throwbacks to portfolio highlights, and more through graphics, clips/screenshots, articles, emails, and more. I wrote various articles for them (Jeff Warren interview, 2020 Reflection, Mental Health Month), which were posted to LinkedIn and shared across our channels.

Additionally, I edited a couple of their introduction videos.


I played a key role in the redesign of the website. I designed the layout, photographed and edited products, as well as populated the site. I was also tasked with frequently checking the engagement on our website and promoting it through google ads.

I was responsible for managing Album's social media channels as well as digital advertisements. I got inventive with the content I produced for them — incorporating animation, interviews, and more.

The social media post I developed with Coolican & Co. for Album Studios is one of my favourite posts I've ever had the pleasure of creating for a client. Bringing journalistic approaches to content showcases the true stories and human nature behind a brand.

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