i am tiana
sometimes i go by algae
(or water silk)
my metaphysical reflection
i like a lot of things
I love water because it means Life. Algae lives in it, we can't live without it, it is an ecosystem for a lot of creatures, it is on other planets... the elixir of life! Can you imagine if it never found its way into existence? If it hadn't, neither would we. Thanks water.
I only eat plants. Maybe that's ironic, but I'm sure they don't mind. I love how it's usually not so hard to grow them, I like how they have an unassumingly very calculated way of growing... like, they make it look so simple but it's really a very complex life that they lead. I like how some of them taste delicious while others can kill. I think it's neat how much they have evolved... just like animals. We're not so different, and honestly their society seems a lot more organized.
I started skateboarding in grade 4, but never really learned any tricks until about 2020, after graduating university. some people love skateboarding for the thrill of being able to make magic happen with a glorified piece of wood on wheels, but as someone who doesn't have all that much control over my board a lot of the time, the social aspects have been the most rewarding for me. I have made so many friends and had so many cherished life experiences through skateboarding... I also appreciate how it's one of the only physical activities I've ever been able to commit to. It helps me spend entire days outside. I love it.
I wont try to define Taoism but I will say that it is something I can always turn to for peace. Whenever external things are messing with me, it is always there to turn to, and every time I ask it for help, it reflects peace of mind onto me. I like how it tells me to be like water. I don't so much like that a lot of books call it some kind of "master" — the way I view Taoism is kind of in an anarchist light, so any kind of "master" just feels ironic. To me, Taoism means that there is a oneness to existence. Everyone can be the "master". Maybe that's what it means... can you channel this "master" essence of oneness with life and all beings? I like it. Sometimes I feel like I can.
I have made so many friends over the internet... I think a lot of people today think of "the internet" as just massive social media platforms... I think that distinction in our language is crucial... the internet is a tool for communication, and it is open for anyone to use! I think it's easy to forget how much agency we can truly have on the internet... but so often we are caught in its current and swept away by its rip tides before we can realize what's availble to us on the shore. Email me if you want: tianadueck[at]pm.me
collaborative projects
The best part about being human is that there are others. Although there is a lot of evil in the world, some that I may never comprehend, I have been fortunate in my life to know beautiful people. Everything I hold close to my heart was emparted onto me from another person. Whether it was directly from a friend, an author of a book or article, a person I've exchanged emails with, a teacher, etc... I don't know how much I would've learned if it was all simply up to me. I'd certainly be much less magnificent. I don't mind taking the lead in collaborative projects because every time I do, I learn something new about being human, a friend, an artist, etc.
I love design because it forces you to imagine a better world and to make it happen to the best of your abilities... I suppose a logo wont change the world, even a website. But it's a start... There are certainly some design projects that feel more fulfilling than others, then again, a good designer may find the fulfilling details of any gig. I think design is art. I think anyone who crafts something through critical thinking and thoughtful crafting is a designer. I love drawing with my friends... maybe drawing isn't design but then again maybe it is. I think design is a very broad topic with a lot of varying serious and unserious beliefs behind it. I think the dramatics are kind of fun and silly, but also worth a real ponder. When I was little, I was planning to be an inventor. I've found that part of myself as an adult within design, in many of its forms.
Making films and watching them are two very different experiences... I think I usually watch a film nowadays to learn about making them. I like the social experiences of making a film with new and familiar people. A lot of the time in indie filmmaking, you get yourself into uncomforable situaitons. It's exciting to experience those pretty vulnerable moments with actors and other filmmakers. I have discovered over the years that I adore making mockumentaries. I love when a viewer has to ask, "is this real?"
I like interactive things... like how you had to click to read this... people don't click enough these days! So thank you for clicking around here. A part of why I like having a lot of Clicking going on throughout my websites is because it makes the user an explorer... you can choose what to click and take a chance on what you might find... although I might share some vulnerable details on this webpage, who will actually take the time to click and read? You! Cool. Anyways, I also love interactive art installations and projects... it's a part of why I love publishing community magazines and hosting sunday sites... I like experiences that are what the participants make them into. It also takes a load off of me individually lol. I want to have an interactive art installation some day... I will make it happen, just wait!
Writing has been the most effective way for me to articulate my thoughts... I am not as great of a speaker, unless I write down what I will say first. I like writing because it's an accessible way to share information... and when you write digitally, it's simple to transform it into audio for those with poor vision. I love exchanging thoughts... when I share my writing, it feels like giving back to everything I've been reading.
The world is vast. There is so much to discover! Although a lot of the time, I am simply resting... I do spend a good chunk of time learning! One way I stay on top of learning and such is through my newsletter, and sunday sites... Whenever I approach these things, I am motivated to try something new. To learn about something new and intriguing for my own sake, as well as to share with others who might take interest. It makes my world feel whole. Learning puts your brain into a flow state! It brings focus... it makes my brain feel like it's using its brief time here on earth with purpose.
i desire a few things
I like feeling like I'm a part of a community, and I like being a friend that someone can turn to for help or just a fun experience.
I am grateful to be someone who has a healthy body and mind... for the most part. Health is a fleeting thing... you never know what could happen. Whenever I'm driving, I wonder if anything might happen... or when I'm flying or sailing. Who knows! Might as well enjoy whatever you've got though. If you're alive, you can find a way to enjoy it... although it might not always be easy. Having fun is always my mission, but I appreciate that the journey there has trials. Those challenges add texture to being!
I have been in love before and I am always hoping to be in love again. I am more picky than I once was and I know what I want, to be honest. I'm looking forward to the next time it finds me... I have been cherishing the process.
The most painful thing to me is hearing from someone I love that they don't feel like I understand them. It's a pain that strikes me back into the reality that everyones realities are different, a product of their own personal thoughts. In my reality, I may have thought that we had a deep mutual understanding... but perhaps we actually don't. Now, I try to just check in and be more vocal about these sorts of things with loved ones, so that we can truly have mutual understanding! Other times, I don't mind the grey area of not knowing... not knowing is an unavoidable part of life that is often quite peaceful.
I am a woman! Something I cherish about womanhood is our inherent devine feminine energy that we can channel at will... It takes a bit of effort, but each woman (and really any person) knows how to wield their divine femergy with some focused practice. Personally, I find my elegance in fashion. I am still on the hunt for the perfect elegant cape... the perfect dress... the perfect shoes... it's an endless process that I will never tire of. There is always some way to elevate your elegance. I cherish the sensuality in elegance! Oh, womanhood! I love it.
Most things can be fun... to me, fun is a non-dualistic word. When I think of fun I think of oneness with all things. The wholeness of being... The essense of all things being together in one force at all times... feels very fun. Life is pleasure, no matter what... dualism is an ideology that isn't always necessary. Of course, the injustices in the world should be faced with due accoutability, I recognize this and I will do what I can to combat it. But in my day to day, I desire Fun. In some special cases, you can battle these injustices with Fun! Wat leuk...
my physical reflection
why are you telling me all of this?
I believe that what we radiate reflects back. I might hope to find a like or unlike minded person through sharing these details... you can email me about any thoughts that reflected onto you from my radiations: tianadueck[at]pm.me
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