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Lynne - AHH BA20

Lynne — Fashion Designer
"I had the pleasure of working with Tiana for my BA20 lookbook where she was both the photographer and videographer. She is incredibly talented with a great aptitude for taking direction as well as delivering polished and professional results in a timely manner. Would highly recommend for future projects!"

Elegance Silver

Mike MacDonald — Operations Manager at Leeber Ltd.
"Tiana was a pleasure to deal with while doing photography for us. Her work was very good and she responded to any requests I had in a timely manner."


Laura Amadi — Co-Founder & CEO at OTOblocs Inc.
"Tiana showcased high-level photography and video production skills while collaborating with me to produce a product promo video and photos for my company's product launch. She really owned her role and responsibilities and added a great deal of value to the launch. I appreciated the attention to detail, consistency, and enthusiasm that was executed! I would recommend Tiana to anyone who's looking for a filmmaker or photographer and I hope to work with Tiana again in the future."


Design & Illustration

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