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This Thing — Director / Editor

Nominated at Feel The Reel International Film Festival in Glasgow, UK (March, 2020) for Best Documentary and Best Original Score

Other — Director / Editor

New Filmmakers New York 2019 (Premiere & Official Selection)
AltFest New York 2019 (Official Selection)
YoungFilmmakers New York 2019 (Official Selection)
Around International Film Festival Amsterdam 2019 (Official Selection)
Lift-Off Global Network Amsterdam 2019 (Online Official Selection)

Art D'Ecco: Never Give You Up — Director / Editor / Writer

Premiered on flood magazine.

Punchu: Hey Man, Can You Pass The Mustard — Director / Editor / Writer / Cinematographer

Meta4Films Reels: Virtual and Augmented Reality & Web and Graphic Design — Editor

Persuasion Machines — 2D Artists Assistant — Lead Artists: Karim Amer & Güvenç Özel

Love After Lockdown — Editor — Director: Kerry Quinn & Sam Hottman

Friends of Mine Season 2 — Editor (Coming Soon) — Director: Maxwell Matchim

Lunachicks - Editor (Coming Soon) — Director: Jess Joy

Disneyland — Editor — Director: Andrei Pora

Tommy Wright III: Sewed Up (Fan Video) — Director / Animator