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I made this website with my own hands, and I love to update it frequently with new content and features. Please make yourself at home, and email me if you might want to build websites or get creative together. ☺
- Tiana | tianadueck{@}

Tiana Dueck

Hi, I'm a multimedia storyteller and creative strategist currently based in Toronto. Say hello!

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Year Client Project With Role
2023 Interview: Philip Hoffman The Creative Independent Journalist
2023 Interview: Menno Pasveer The Creative Independent Journalist
2023 Interview: Patrick Holland The Creative Independent Journalist
2023 The PLEASURE of Handmade Fashion Journalist / Photographer
2023 Water Silk's Guide to Canadian Music Good Times Bad Times Radio Radio Host / DJ
2016 - present Design + Film + Photography Various Clients Filmmaker / Photo / Design
2023 Sam Szigeti Web Design / Dev
2023 Lisa Gal Web Design / Dev
2022 Joseph Rainfield Web Design / Dev
2022 It's Ok* Web Design / Dev
2019 - 2022 Marketing Various Clients Designer, Photographer, Videographer, Strategist
2019 Cinesiege York University Festival Coordinator
Year Personal Project With Role
2022 - present Sunday Sites John Bengtsson Community Coordinator / Webmaster
2019 - present Volvox Observer Various Artists Founder, Community Manager, Web Design / Dev
2019 - present Windy Day Personal Writer / Web Design