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personal / community

A portfolio website for Sam Szigeti.
Made with hands using HTML, CSS, and Digital Ocean.

A portfolio website for Lisa Gal.
Made with hands using HTML & CSS.

A webpage for It’s Ok* Studios, an independent Black-led and operated, interdisciplinary, multipurpose arts space. Simply HTML, CSS, and a splash of JavaScript; hosted with GoDaddy/cPanel.

A community website for my publication, Volvox Observer. Includes a pond. Built with Vue.js, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Digital Ocean.

An internet homestead for rainfield (musician/artist). Made with hands using HTML, CSS, PHP, Kirby CMS. and Digital Ocean.

A custom e-commerce website for Closed Studio built with big cartel.

Tiana's internet HQ. Made with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript; hosted on Glitch.

Webmaster and community manager for Sunday Sites.

A web presentation and workshop for creating a personal internet map with metaphysical inspirations. Lectured live in Laurel Schwulst's class Graphic Design: Link, at Princeton University in March 2022.


Webmaster for Umbrella's Wordpress website.

Webmaster for Album Studios' Squarespace website.

Webmaster for Meta4 Films' Wordpress/Beaver Builder website.