dear future self,

to: tiana on oct 3, 2023
from: tiana on jan 22, 2023

I am so excited to be you. You are working towards a few different paths at the moment... I wonder where you have found yourself. Are you going back to school? Did you find a job? Are you continuing to travel? Are you starting a business? Did you do a lot of experimenting up to this point in 2023? I wonder! At the moment, I am studying a few languages... dutch, python, and javascript. Are you learning french at this point? Right now, I have a hunch that you'll end up in Montreal. Am I wrong? I'm really proud of you for whatever you've accomplished throughout your time in NL. I've already learned a lot about taking leaps of faith for myself, and it's only January. It seems I am someone who tends to land on her feet. Lucky me. Right now, it feels like the days go by too quickly. I suppose it's because I have a few things on my plate at once, but isn't that always the situation I find myself in? Anyways, my time management has been pretty good, and going to cafe's has been a good way to find focus. Yesterday, you canceled a date for like, the first time! Is it a culture thing in NL that they don't text you the day of your 'date'? Am I expecting too much? Doesn't seem like it. Anyways, romance is cool but it's hard to start from scratch. I think I ought to just get out rather than go on app dates. Like, I'll meet people I like if I do things I like. Then again, everyone's got something to offer, you never know who these app people could be. Please tell me you sent a letter. Nevertheless, I want to give you some things...

a tumeric shake and americano that garvan gave you

the art in rodkapje atm

you on jan 22, 2023 (u have felt cuter, do you feel cute now?)

Hope you like those little artifacts of this moment. Have you kept up with posting to youtube each week? I really wonder how that will go for you. I have no expectations but I think it's a fun habit... when your computer decides to render files in due time. I am so tired... I don't know what it is. Maybe I need to get back into exersize! I really want to get a skateboard but omg, the bills are stacking up. This is my first time living alone... and wow... I am happy to be employed. I haven't worried about money so much in all my years. How much money do you have right now? I hope it's enough lol. I'm actually sure that it is. Not sure why I'm worried... I guess because I want to keep traveling! So I don't want it to fly away. I think next time, I want to live alone... or have a spare bedroom. Like, I would airbnb my place out. For an honest price too. But wow, the thought of traveling and making rent back while you're away? That's ideal. Anyways, I do have to edit this interview right now... was it published? And a few other things... so, I'll see you around.