this is a sunday site

JUNE 2023

this month, tiana, elliott, gijs, and emma met to make sites in elliott's backyard in amsterdam. it was hot, and we felt more offline than online, so we only drafted this session.

instruction: make a site inspired by a cherished memory.

let's take a look...

gijs's draft
gijs's website draft

gijs got elliott to interpret his html

elliott asks a chicken to choose a colour.

elliott's draft
elliott's website draft
emma's draft
emma's website draft
tiana's draft
tiana's website draft
photo missing atm

afterwards, we went swimming at a lake nearby. in the evening, a friend made a delicious dinner for us. it was such a beautiful day, we had to get out there!

as we made our sites based on our cherished memories, we unassumingly made a cherished memory in tandem.

thanks for joining us. 🔆