tiana's garden welcome to my garden.
here's a collection of all the plants i'd ideally have in my soil.
for tea
hibiscus perfect for any time of day. if you have a good hibiscus going, you'll have tea for the whole summer.
rose extremely floral and great with hibiscus. the bugs like to camp between petals so just make sure to wash them well.
chinese camellia sinensis for a classic green tea base.
for food
strawberry they are beautiful and delicious. you can make so many things with strawberries! you can even use the leaves in tea.
cucumber nice in water, sandwiches, salad, for pickling, and just on their own. perfect for any occassion! sign me up please.
lemon just about every dish or drink could use some lemon.
soybeans maybe i could make my own tofu or something life that??? tempeh??? i can try.
chili pepper i want to spice up my food and cooking oils with some peppers.
rhubarb i like rhubarb in pies and jams. i'm sure its also good in other things i can try. my nana always has rhubarb in her garden. i always found it really cool and pretty.
for aesthetics
tiger lily when i was a kid my parents and i planted a tiger lily in our yard and it's been a sentimental plant to me ever since.
amaranthas these would be useful for crafting flower arangements for my loved ones. they always add a fancy flare to any arrangement.
clooney ranunculus what can i say? pretty!
hydrangeas i love them. i want to put them in a bouquet.
chrysanthemums so dramatic!
for polinators
sunflower i like how sunflowers can get big and tall. they make me very happy, as well as polinators. it's an all around win and no brainer.
lavender i like how lavender is good for perfumes and bees. it's a nice colour and very pretty.