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pathologically bored by deru

- - 11 . 06 . 20 - -
Hello to anyone coming from Gossips Web.
Do I call the WWW or do they call me?
I am feeling so secure in myself lately. I am capable because I am human!
I embarassed myself the other day though: left my belt wide open in public for a while on accident... maybe I just looked super chill because I looked like I didn't care... or maybe people noticed it was a mistake. Either way, I was having fun (I was skateboarding).

- - 10 . 24 . 20 - -
I love fashion.

- - 10 . 14 . 20 - -
Happy to report that my anxious funk has ended. I really had to will my way out of it. My life feels balanced again! Today I watched all my music videos and felt proud of myself for a moment. It's nice to take time away from your work and circle back to it with a new perspective...
My birthday is this weekend! I think 23 is old enough. Let's stop aging while we're still young.
I made a website about this and the last post.

- - 10 . 03 . 20 - -
Honestly, the last little while has been tough. What I thought was an afternoon funk turned out to be a season of abundant anxiety. At this point, I'm really intentionally turning that arround. But sometimes it feels like trying to touch ground while balloons are floating you upwards. I guess the only way down is to face things head on, pop those balloons, and have peace in knowing that all will be grounded again soon. I put a bit too much work on my plate this Fall, which I don't normally do... learning and living.

- - 07 . 15 . 20 - -
see what i'm learning.

- - 06 . 24 . 20 - -
Hi! I worked on the website some more today. I finished the photography, this thing, and client page. I've been listening to a lot of law of attraction/vibration talks, it's been great. Life is truly what you make it.

- - 03 . 27 . 20 - -
My PC's SSD gave up on me this afternoon. I am frustrated but luckily I have a warranty! Hopefully the next one doesn't flunk out so easily. I played skyrim today and basked in the sweet empty feeling of not needing to really do anything. I am surviving quite peacefully through this messy pandemic. The solitude has given me the time to reconnect and balance with the version of myself that I adore. I hope you all have some time to adore yourself soon. It is cheesy, but we were all born from the same ancient source, and we are all wonders.
Plus I submitted my films to a few more film festivals! I hope to receive some good news soon. Consider my fingers Crossed. X

- - 03 . 15 . 20 - -
I just think it's pretty cool how you can share whatever HTML text file you want to with the whole world. Purchasing this website was not the cheapest... but now I can host many websites!
If any of my friends would like a website, please let me know and we can make one. It is so nice to have a home on the internet that is entirely your own. It's the new primal. It's like I built a shelter in the middle of a forest but it's just in the middle of the internet. Nice.

tiana dueck

- - 03 . 08 . 20 - -
this is my second day working on my new website. i want it to look hand made, because it is.